Yearbook Photograph Requirements for 2017-2018Prepared by
Par Key Adviser, Mrs. Abdelaal
Digital Photographic Imaging – Frank Mitman Photographer
Approved by Mr. James Moniz, Principal
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including deadlines for submitting baby pictures and senior dedications.

For consistency in background, accuracy of color, and quality of the Parkland High School yearbook Par Key, seniors of the 2018 graduating class are required to have their yearbook photographs taken by Digital Photographic Imaging – Frank Mitman Photographer, our official school photographer. There is no obligation for purchase. These requirements have been implemented since 2009, and the results for the senior section have been exceptional.

For 15 successful years, Frank Mitman has been the photographer for Parkland High School. He will offer opportunities for seniors to have their yearbook portraits taken either at his studio between the end of June and November 30, or at the high school in the fall (dates to be determined). Each junior should have received an appointment card in the mail from the studio in May.

Students who choose “yearbook only” portraits taken at the studio or the school will be photographed at no charge.

If you have not received an appointment card, please contact Frank Mitman Digital Photographic Imaging immediately.

Please note that the following requirements are for the yearbook pictures only.

General Requirements for the Yearbook Photo
  • Students must use the selected yearbook background for the yearbook photo only. Photographs not
    on the required background will not be accepted for the yearbook.
  • The yearbook photograph must be a head and shoulders composition.
  • Costumes and props such as hats, flowers, and scarves are not permitted in the photos.Also, hands
    may not appear in the photos.
  • Attire for photographs must comply with Parkland High School’s dress code.

Female Requirements
  • Senior girls are required to wear solid, dark colored tops with 3/4 length or long sleeves.
    Acceptable styles include button down blouses, v-necks, scoop, or crew necks.
  • The studio has black wraps in different styles available for girls to wear for the yearbook
    photographs as another option.
Male Requirements
  • Senior boys are required to wear dark colored suit jackets, plain collared shirts and ties (patterned
    ties are acceptable).
  • The studio has dark suit jackets and ties available for boys to wear for the yearbook photographs.
These requirements have been selected in order to produce a senior section of high quality and consistency for the 2018 yearbook.

Please contact Mrs. Abdelaal at 610-351-5600 or Frank Mitman at 610-433-2110 or with any questions.